What Is Happiness And How To Be Happy?

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Has it happened to you that you were walking by someplace and found a beautiful flower in full bloom and the next thing you notice is that this spectacular flower is growing in a trash dump? Do you get surprised and wonder how a flower could grow in such a place and still be in full bloom? I don't think so, right?! You just appreciate the beauty of the flower and move on.

If I had to compare happiness to something I would compare it to this flower which is emanating its best in the middle of filth.

Are you wondering why I am using this analogy to explain happiness? It's simple, I think happiness is like that flower which is not deterred by its surroundings. This flower is oblivious to its surroundings. It doesn't matter if it's on top of the most sacred mountain, in a garbage dump, or in murky waters, it only knows to bloom and to spread its beauty and fragrance.

Happiness is like this flower, you can continue to be happy irrespective of what's going on around you or what you are surrounded by.

For generations, we have been misguided that material things bring us happiness. As kids we want the highest grade, we think that high grades will make us happy and our parents proud. We believe getting a top paying job in the best company or buying a house in the best locality in the best country is going to make us happy, so we get into this mad race of chasing materialistic goals. If you have dreams and aspirations for these things, good for you, but if you want them just because someone else has them, then you are going to end up in a sad state. It's like wearing shoes which you thought looked good on someone else.

We as a community have been taught to seek happiness in the wrong places. We are told happiness is a byproduct of some action – buy a house, buy a car, etc.

If it did make us happy, then we would stop there, right? But all too often we find that this pleasure doesn’t last, it fades away, and we start running after something else. I can say we are addicted to the pleasure we get out of buying things. It satisfies our ego, for sure. But that's not happiness. Happiness is a state of mind. We are misled into thinking happiness is something which is derived from our outside experiences. It doesn't matter what you have, what you own, or what you don't, you can continue to stay happy.

If we can realize that happiness is just a state of mind, then we can see how happiness is priceless and how easy it is to achieve this state of mind. We don't need to take a vacation to the most expensive place to feel it. Sitting in your patio and sipping a hot cup of coffee and watching beautiful raindrops kiss the earth can make you happy.

Remember the smell of the mud when the first rain of monsoon touches it? Imagine the drizzling rain while walking hand in hand with your loved one. Does that make you happy?

Have you seen the face of a baby when he/she sees his/her mother, even if the mother has been away for just a few minutes? That smile of seeing its mom, the joy he has in his eyes, that’s happiness.

Often times we seek things that will make us happy. Aren't we happy individuals the way we are? Nature always does its job well and has created us perfectly, we do not lack anything. We have everything we need to survive, but we have forgotten that, and we keep seeking everything outside. We are surrounded by these expensive toys we have created and are led to believe owning them is the only way to happiness. What we need to realize is that our inner self is already in a state of everlasting bliss, and nothing external is needed to achieve it.

So, stop telling yourself that you need a house or a second car to be happy, when you stop chasing the "wants" in your life, you remove a lot of noises from your life. When you get rid of the baggage you have attached to yourself thinking they will make you happy, you will discover the real you which is already in a pure state of happiness.

The moment you recognize this happiness you’ll stop running after a never-ending list of “wants.”

Inner happiness is essential to our lives, make an effort to achieve it. Being happy is a very easy thing, if you want to prove me wrong, try this...

Try watching the sun set, try listening to the waves created in a lake/ocean, stargaze, talk to your plants, do some gardening, all these activities come at no cost to you. Give a 3-year-old some rocks to play with and he will be the happiest!! As adults, we are not happy with anything we have. In the process of growing up, we have lost our real self somewhere.

Now is the time to find Your Self, find your happiness!!

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