The Most Effective Ways To Use Your Mind

I imagine how I would like to see myself, being a good daughter, being a good mother, a good wife, being efficient at my work, Shreelatha and Adhvai watching something intensely, the guiding voice
I imagine how I would like to see myself, being a good daughter, being a good mother, a good wife, being efficient at my work

Since time immemorial the human mind has been compared to a monkey. If left on its own, it can go wandering to random places and be totally lost in time. If you look more closely at the mind, you will realize that this is an organ that was meant to protect us. When humans were cavemen, when we lived our lives mostly on animal instincts and like nomads, we needed this mind so that we’d survive even in the most inhospitable conditions. This mind turned out to be a very useful tool when our day was mostly lived in the fight or flight mode.

But humans today do not have to fight for survival. We live a pretty much organized world where our minds really don’t have any work. Our mind has lost the primary purpose of protecting us - the job it was intended to do. Now, like any tool which does not have a purpose can get destructive, the human mind can do too. It proves to be very destructive to none other than mostly oneself.

If you can hear the voice of your mind, the constant chatter that is going on, you will notice that it always has a negative tone which is almost like holding you back from doing anything. It's mostly the negative talk that induces fear and keeps you stuck in mediocrity. It’s either lingering somewhere in the past events or in the future, but never in the present, while the ideal time to be in is the present - no wonder it's called “present” (gift).

Gaining control over the mind is not an easy feat…. It’s more difficult than winning over the whole world. No wonder that they say that the real winner is one who wins over his mind and senses. It takes conscious effort to change the ways of the mind.

A real winner is one who wins over his mind and senses.

My experience is that the mind is like a little kid. Have you tried persuading a kid to do something? The technique used today won’t work tomorrow, the technique which worked 5 times won’t work the sixth time… so you have to get pretty creative about the ways to control the mind. Whenever I find my mind going beyond my control, I gently remind it that its mine. It needs to work for me, not against me. I remind it that it exists for me and needs to encourage and support me. It works most of the time!

Our mind is a very powerful tool. If used in the right ways and for the right purpose, it can do amazing things for us. And what better purpose can there be than to create a life that you desire and make your dreams come true?

The two methods below have been iterated for generations and across boundaries. These techniques also determine the quality of your life. Be it law of attraction, law of manifestation, law of Universe, these two techniques have the power to create or manifest and forms the basis of these principles. And these are not just methods that people have discovered, there is scientific evidence to, why these techniques work.

1. Visualization

Be it “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”, “Think Rich, Grow Rich”, “The Secret” or many more, every book mentions this method, but each with a different flavor attached to it. It's a very simple technique of envisioning yourself the way you want to be. This method has also been used by our age old sages from thousands of years ago. Below I’ve written how I do it. This is also the technique from “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”.

I generally do this in the mornings. I have found a corner which feels like my happy place. I turn off the lights or keep them dim. I close my eyes and imagine myself walking to the most beautiful place. I would like to describe this place as my blissful place. It's a place that I have been to, covered with huge mountains, long green pine trees…a tiny lake in the middle of this view.

Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality

- Robin Sharma

The minute I imagine I am there, my body and mind relax. I get into that serene mode. Now I imagine myself sitting on a huge rock, looking into the water/lake, and seeing the best version of me in the reflection. I imagine myself laughing, spending time with my kid, having intimate and deep conversations with my spouse. I imagine how great I feel at work. I imagine how I would like to see myself, being a good daughter, being a good mother, a good wife, being efficient at my work. I imagine every aspect in great detail. I spend around 20-30 minutes doing this, most days. I would like to do it all days though :)

You could follow the same scenario or find a version that suits you - like as if you are on top of the tallest mountain and envisioning yourself, etc. But the important aspect I think is to relax your body and mind and visualize yourself. Visualizing the best version of you, which can be anything - looking happy, spending time with the family, owning a business, making an impact at work, becoming a millionaire, the big E - Enlightenment/Awakening etc.

2. Affirmations

Affirmations are what you repeatedly tell yourself. If you keep thinking ‘I am not good', that is affirming yourself that you are bad at something. And since this is what you are putting out, the experience that comes out of it shows that you are bad and it strengthens your belief that you are not good. And hence goes the downward spiral. Watch what you are telling yourself, watch what is constantly played on your mind. Is it something uplifting or something that will send you down the drains?

I also think that most of the diseases which affect us today are mainly from the mind - the thoughts we think, the thoughts we tell ourselves. And what the present-day medicine does is give a temporary fix, I believe. As software developers, part of our job is fixing bugs in software. You could do it in 2 ways. One way is to fix it without knowing what's causing it - called the 'hacky fix', which is exactly what modern medicine does to our bodies and so you end up with the disease recurring. The other way is to find the root cause of the disease and fix it by finding a proper solution, which might be figuring out whether it’s your mind/thoughts or your body that needs the medicine. And affirmations play a very important role in curing the mind.

Write down affirmations for every aspect of your life - personal, professional, financial, everything that you can think of. Let me also caution you: when you start saying your affirmations you may find that things might fall apart, or the things which you don’t like might happen. But know that things are changing - your affirmations are working for good. Your universe is setting things right for you. Its the universe’s way of saying ‘way to go!’. Don’t get hindered and keep repeating your steps until they manifests themselves. If you are looking for affirmations, you can check out Louise Hay's books for starters or even chanting mantras.

I have used these methods and continue to use them regularly in my everyday life. I hope these 2 methods will be useful for manifesting your life the way you want it to be. Trust your Universe.

The Guiding Voice

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