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Updated: Oct 1, 2019

If you think your life is in a better place, I am so happy for you!! Please take the time to think about the people around you. Humans live in society - we are communal creatures. We all need to contribute to make this earth a better place. We are interdependent. We are dependent on fellow humans, nature, plants, and animals for all our necessities. It could be physical needs like food, clothing, shelter, or emotional needs.

When my thirst is satisfied and my cup is full, I will be able to quench the world's thirst. When I am full of love and content with my life, I can do something for others. If I am surrounded by a vicious cycle of negativity, I won’t be able to help anyone. In the last part I spoke about making your life better. If you haven’t read it, here it is for you Heal Yourself Naturally.

I remember an incident that happened to me – I might have been under 10. I was going somewhere with my dad. An old man was walking on the other side of the road. My dad immediately crossed the road and talked to the old man. The man didn’t seem to recognize my dad. When my dad finished talking to the man, I asked him who he was. And here is the short background.

My dad’s family was very poor and as a child he had to work for his brother in a pettige angadi - Pic 1

It’s a tiny shop, mostly selling cigarettes and snacks, which my uncle had. The English translator translated it as a box store. it really is very apt to describe it as a box store. One day this gentleman came to buy something, saw my dad, and asked him why he hadn’t gone to school. My dad said that he didn’t have money for school and so the teacher sent him home. The man asked what the fees were. I am not sure what they were but in today's time they would be negligible - maybe 10 rupees or so. The man took the money out of his pocket, gave it to my dad, and said ‘go to school'. My dad took the money and went to school and eventually got his diploma. This man was the reason my dad got educated. This man was the reason why my dad was able to get us educated. A simple example of - One help in the right direction can change generations!

It might be insignificant for you, but important to someone else. Could you spare the money you wanted to buy your 11th pair of shoes for a kid who doesn’t have food to eat? Your weekend party money could be someone’s education expenses for a whole year. There are innumerable ways to show that you care. Your kids might be bored watching the same TV or playing the Nintendo games. Take them to an orphanage nearby, show them what necessity is for us - they might be someone's pleasure! I am sure your kids will appreciate it. If you can’t help with money, why not volunteer for a cause? Time is money too...

If there is nothing you can do, there is one thing you can always do – be nice and courteous to the people you interact with – from the milkman to your boss; spread love and goodness. Anyone who has interacted with you should be able to say that your goodness touched them. As Robin Sharma says in his book The Greatness Guide, “leave people better than you found them”.

If you can’t do this, at least don’t spread negativity. Don’t make this place and life dirty for others!

Live and Let Live

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