Belief and Kids

The beauty of life is that

kids kindle the lamp of love in your hearts.

The disaster is that

adults put that lamp of love out even before it kindles.

The whole world might say that you are beautiful, and you will say ‘no, they are just saying it, or they are being nice’.Then comes a time when your face is full of acne, you have a hairy body very similar to that of a bear, wearing the same old pajamas all day long and haven’t seen the mirror for days, and your kiddo says ‘mom, you are the most beautiful person in the whole world’ and you believe it in a second.

Your house might be a mess, you might feed junk food and feel you are not a good mom, beating yourself up which we all do to ourselves. We are never good enough and then here comes this little guy and says ‘Amma/Appa, you are the best ever’ and you believe it.

You might be as mad at this moment as if a volcano is going to burst out and then comes this little creature and says ‘Momma/Dada, be happy, smile, I love you’ and you will drop dead there at his/her love and all the anger will fly away to a distant land.

You might be spending long hours in front of your laptop and despising it and here comes this little guy/girl who is waiting for an opportunity to jump right into your empty seat and starts typing on the keyboard as you do… and right there you believe you are doing something right. You feel so good…

You might just be lying in the bathtub with the water gone cold and pretending the bath foam to be fish and catching it, and wondering ‘what am I doing?’ and your son/daughter says 'it is the best time ever'… and it does become the best time ever in spite of doing this every single day.

Your kid is counting the tires of your tummy and is so happy to find that mommy still has the one layer of tummy intact where s/he came from and s/he is overjoyed every time s/he sees it…. And you are happier than the flat abs would have made you feel.

When your son/daughter tells you that they dreamt of you protecting them from the monsters, you believe you are the strongest, bravest ever.

You believe when they say ‘my mom/dada are the best’. You believe when they say ‘my mommy/daddy are superheroes’.

When you shout and show your anger and frustrations at your child, s/he will believe that s/he is not worth your love or something is wrong with him/her.

When you compare them with the neighbor's kid and tell your kid that the neighbor's kid is better, your kid will believe you, that s/he is incapable of making you happy, and will strive their whole life to make you happy.

When you build a fort around your kids based on your opinions, choices, wishes, beliefs, they believe you and become prisoners in that fort for their whole lives.

Kids fill our lives with so much love and happiness with their innocence. Watch what you give them in return. Not education, not money, not your stale beliefs, not your status…. Return it with time, laughter, and love.

I am sharing some of Adhvai’s conversations here, I am sure you will burst out laughing.

1. Adhvai and Dad conversation

Dad - Adhvai you are a big boy, you need to sleep on your bed in your room.

Adhvai - why?

Dad - Because you are grown up and a big boy now

Adhvai - Are you grown up?

Dad - Yes!! See I don’t sleep with my Mom and Dad!!

Adhvai - But you sleep with my Mom ??

Dad And Mom - No answer!! 🙄🙄

2. Adhvai remembers a story in the middle of the night

Adhvai: Mom, can I tell you a story?

Mom: rubbing eyes, now? (I check the time and it’s around 1 AM)🥱

Adhvai: Once upon a time there was a mosquito. That mosquito came and bit my bum. And my face had red dots everywhere

Mom: If mosquito bit your bum, why did you face have red dots?

Adhvai: Because, another mosquito bit my face. The End

Mom and Dad: Laughing 🤣🤣

Adhvai: It was a very hard story to tell, mom

Mom: You bet!!

3. Adhvai is mad at his dad for something

Adhvai to Dad: Well, I am not your friend anymore

Dad: It’s ok because I’m your dad.

Adhvai: Well, I am not your dad anymore.

Dad and Mom burst out laughing 😍😍

4. Adhvai and chicks

Adhvai: Mom, I love chicks.

Mom: Oh yeah, your dad does too... just the other kind!!🤤🤤

5. Mom drinking Tea

Adhvai: Mom do you want to come to play with me at my house

Mom: No thanks, am drinking my hot tea

Adhvai: Mom why are you drinking pee??

All: Burst out laughing 😆

6. Mom and Adhvai

Mom: Adhvai, you know why amma is so clever?

Adhvai: why amma?

Mom: Because amma sleeps a lot. So if you have to be clever like amma, you need to sleep a lot

Adhvai: But amma, I am already clever than you…

Mom: fuming 😡😡👿

7. Mom, Dad win for the first time

We go out for grocery shopping in the evening around 7 PM. And Adhvai sleeps on the way.

We are not sure to wake him up or not. We let him sleep and we hit the bed too.

It might be around 10 PM. Adhvai wakes up

Adhvai: Mom, I need to turn on the light because my sleep is over

Mom: But Adhvai, it’s still dark so you need to go back to sleep

Adhvai: But my sleep is over

Dad: Sleep is not over until the sun comes out!!

Adhvai: Thinking

Mom and Dad - high five 💃😈😈

Parenting is one of my favorite topics to write about. I hope you enjoyed this post.

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