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Hi, Welcome all....

We have created this page with the intention that "The Guiding Voice" should be accessible to one and all.


The language originated so that humans could communicate and connect. The purpose was to unite all of us; the individual pieces of the infinite Source.


It’s our opinion that language should not become a hindrance when we are on the path of seeking "The Guiding Voice". That would defeat the purpose of both: the language's origin and "The Guiding Voice". Here is our humble effort to remove the language barrier. You will find articles translated into many languages so that "The Guiding Voice" can reach you, in a way best suited for you.


Couldn’t find "The Guiding Voice" you were looking for??

Let us know the language you would want to find "The Guiding Voice" to be in and we will try our best to make it possible for you.

About Me

About me, if I can say something, then it would be that I am still discovering myself. I have learned, received, and acquired many things. Let me try and answer it this way..


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