We all have the need to be heard by someone who cares. But we never open up because of fears, societal stigmas, low self-esteem, etc.

Are you holding back because you are not sure whom to talk to? Are you scared that once you have shown your vulnerabilities to a person, they might use them against you?

Are you stopping yourself from reaching out because you fear the unknown? Are you scared of being judged?
Stop no more. You are in the right spot. Talk to me, about your greatest fear, deepest sorrows. Anything and everything that is pent up deep inside you and is not allowing you to live your life,
be the person you want to be. Let’s bring it up, face it, and resolve it.

You are a free spirit! You deserve it!
We will make it count - together.


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About Me

About me, if I can say something, then it would be that I am still discovering myself. I have learned, received, and acquired many things. Let me try and answer it this way..


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