"About Me

If I have to say something then it would be that I’m still discovering myself. But there’s so much I can tell you about what I have been given in this life and what I have acquired over the years. Let me try and answer it this way.

"What is your name

My parents gave me the name Shreelatha because they thought it would go well with my sister’s name Shreelakshmi and my father’s name Sreedhar. Frankly, till today I have never felt that’s me. When I was growing up, I had a hard time relating to my name, but my body and mind got accustomed to responding when someone addresses me by this name or shorter names like Shree or Siri which feels more like me.  

The other day my 3-year-old son asked me what my name was. I was in a very playful mood and I wanted to come up with something very silly, something that would crank him up. I closed my eyes and asked myself what my name is, and I blurted out Mana Mohini. It felt so much like me, maybe it’s my soul name. Someday I might change my name to be Mana Mohini.


"What do you do for a living

I am a software developer by profession. It’s not something I chose, I became an engineer because my parents wanted an engineer in the family. Had my sister taken up engineering in her bachelors I don’t know what I would be today. Hey, don’t be so quick to judge me, the part of the world I come from, your parents decide what you get to wear for your wedding night. Oh no, they didn’t decide on that for me.

"Tell us something about your background

Oh, I have a lot to say about my background. I’m not trying to kill you with boredom, so I’ll keep it short. I was born in a place called Bhadravati, a town in the state of Karnataka which is the southern part of Bharata (India). I grew up and did my studies in Bangalore – the present Bengaluru, the IT place. From a young age, I liked to read books, and I think that was because my parents appreciated good books and I would often find them reading books and novels.

I met my husband Rakesh when I was studying for my bachelor’s degree. I can say we were meant to be together, I knew deep within that I was born for him. I would always make fun saying, “God realized what a mistake he had done when you were born, so he sent me to correct it.” But later, I would have a vision which revealed my purpose in life, and in fact, the purpose of this birth would be him.

Once we got married, we moved to Canada. We have been in Canada for 9 years now. I have a 3-year-old son, Adhvai. He is such a happy guy, even when he was a small baby people would notice him and say he is such a happy baby. Well, I can take a little bit credit for it. I made sure I was always happy and pleasant when he was in my womb!! He is a very cheerful and thoughtful child. He has filled our lives with so much happiness and keeps showing us in his small ways how much we need to improve ourselves as parents.

"How did you start writing

One day, I happened to find a diary in our home and started flipping the pages, I saw that my mom had written something in it. It was very cryptic, but she had written just a couple of lines. And from there I felt I needed to write too. I got into this habit of writing in my journal every night.

Writing helped me sail through some very tough times I faced in my life. It was my only friend, it was a channel through which I could pour my heart out, blurt everything I had inside me, and release all the anger I had within.

"What inspires you to write for the Guiding Voice

When I started to write, it was more like fun. I felt special just having a diary for myself. I felt I got a lot of answers to my questions when I wrote. I felt better when I wrote my journal at night and could go to bed peacefully. And when I would go back and read those pages months or even years later, I felt nice to see myself and what I have come through. Some were just plain nonsense, I must say.

Yeah, I think what inspires me to write is how it makes me feel, it makes me feel better at times. And the other important point is the voice inside me. It had always been guiding me, giving me answers as and when I needed it. I wanted to put in on paper so that I don’t forget it. And when my husband started reading it, he felt it was invaluable. And he always says I should keep writing, so that’s what makes me write for the guiding voice.


"What do you do in your free time other than writing for the guiding voice

I like to read books, inspirational books. I like to dance, if there is something I see myself enjoying, it would be dancing. When I had my baby, I would carry him and just be swaying to the music and that’s been my best dance till date. I like to listen to music, Bollywood, or anything soothing. Other than that, I like to travel and visit new places. We live in such a beautiful place. This earth has been here there for billions of years. Imagine what it has seen and experienced. Travelling also helps me stay connected with myself.

"what do you have to give it to the readers of the guiding voice

As humans, we all come across times where we need assurance, someone who can tell us it’s all going to be fine. I would want my readers to find that comfort here.

We all have busy lives and we get lost in the busyness. Are we born so that we can get degrees and work 9-5 jobs and struggle?  I want my readers to do some soul searching. I want my readers to connect with themselves.

In the busyness of life, we forget that we are smaller than a tiny grain of sand in this universe and get so proud of our achievements and think as if there is no end. I want my readers to realize if they have done something for themselves, be thankful that the universe has been kind and help others however they can. We are not the first and we will not be the last!!

My effort is to try and get you to connect with your inner self; the ultimate, everlasting, know-all self.

"Why did idea of the guiding voice come to you

There is this dear friend of mine with whom I would discuss everything about life and also provide answers to. At a point, my friend asked how I get answers to all these questions.

I said the voice within me gives me all the answers. He was shocked and asked, “What voice?” I said, “You know the voice inside which pushes you to wake up in the morning, warns you when you are doing something which may not be right or consoles you when you are sad and depressed?” He was like, “I don’t have any voice...” At that moment I realized it's not as obvious as I thought it to be.

We all have an inner voice; we just stopped listening to it. We have other voices which are louder than our self-voice which I call The Guiding Voice and we are unable to listen to it. So, until you have your own answers, maybe I have some of them answered for you.


"Who should read it

Anyone and everyone who believes in this Universe can read my motivational, Love, life experiences, happiness related blogs. At times I find my answers from spiritual text, but this is not religion-based. I am a believer in the Universe.

If you come here to read or hear something which you have never heard, then you may be up for disappointment because the Truth is always the same, you can have many interpretations about it, but the truth remains the same. So, you might hear me saying the same things which you might have already heard.

I welcome, one and all to come listen to The Guiding Voice.